Who We Are

Who We Are

Mass Tech Labs has 25+ years of technology experience. Our passion is to help small businesses and individuals make sense of today's confusing technology landscape. We believe it's imperative that you take control of the technology you use on a daily basis. We strive to ensure you are as productive as possible while also maintaining your safety and privacy.

What We Do

Wi-fi router setup

  • Install, configure and secure Wi-Fi router
  • Troubleshoot existing router issues
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Troubleshoot desktop, laptop, printer, routers, etc.


home automation

We can help you modernize your home to take advantage of today's technology advancements to make your life easier.

home automation

Computer setup

  • Setup new computer
  • We can work with any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac)
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safeguard kids online

  • Provide best practices, tools and knowledge to protect your child online
  • Recommend devices and apps to make this easier for parents to manage
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Camera and video

Custom video creation

We love nothing more than to provide clients personalized video for weddings, memories or memorials.

web design

  • Don't go another day without a web presence. MTL can get you up and running with a modern, secure site.
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Mobile device setup

  • iOS or Android devices
  • Phones or Tablets
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security assessment

Not sure how to secure your privacy in an open internet? We can help.

Why We Do It

In today's world, technology plays a pivotal role in our lives. Taking control of the technology we engage with every day is essential. At Mass Tech Labs, we understand this and aim to help you make sense of it all. As a small business ourselves, we excel at working alongside other businesses to help them achieve their goals. We want to ensure your productivity while prioritizing your safety and privacy. Our services range from installing printers and setting up new phones to developing fantastic websites and providing security and privacy recommendations. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the world of tech, let Mass Tech Labs guide you through.


Let's do this together!




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